Can't believe it's 2021 and building websites is still such a pain..

Do we really need to build a login page every time? have a refinement session to break it down to tasks?
("Oh right, we need a forgot-password link!")

Can't the damn thing align and look the same on two/three browsers?

2008 problems for life...

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    Sounds like you need to use auth as a service.

    Let me introduce you to auth0, azure B2C, and Amazon Cognito.
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    Firebase auth is your friend
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    Can't believe it's 2021 and still existing is such a pain.
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    @sariel been using Cognito. but it's just an SDK. you still need to create the pages, handle inputs, error messages, redirects....
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    @Nihil75 I suppose that's true, but most of the complex backend logic is already handled.
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    If you're in the NodeJS world, you could just use SailsJS if you want to be super fucking lazy with it since the template web app will have all of that setup for you from the get go.

    And yes, the docs are a dumpster fire, but hey having the entire authentication flow setup and you only need to configure in the email sender and any MFA/2FA or social media logins you want to use.
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