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    Manager, 8am:
    “Move fast and break things!”

    Manager, 1pm:
    “Why is this feature broken?! Why did you think this was a good idea?!”
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    One of the bad ideas and even badly implemented by the masses.
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    Fail slower, it must be perfect.
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    Elon Musk (hate all you want, he does understand effective scaling methods for startups) gave some pretty good advice during the recent tour with Tim Dodd:

    1. Improve requirements. There should be a clear foundation & reasoning, evidence for necessity, traceability & accountability for all feature requests.

    2. Delete the unnecessary. Try really hard to delete processes and parts. You should find yourself adding things back later, otherwise you didn't delete enough.

    3. Optimize. but do not optimize parts which shouldn't exist at all (see 2), that's just wasted time.

    4. Accelerate. Move faster, in smaller iteration cycles -- But only as fast as steps 1-2-3 allow for, otherwise you're just delivering crap faster.

    5. Automate. But only after taking care of 1-2-3-4, otherwise you've got automated processes building the wrong things, which is much worse than doing the right thing manually.

    Most startups (historically including Tesla & SpaceX), confuse this ordering.
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    Fucking hell jake, why did you wipe our build machine? And why in gods is your PC sending special broadcasts on our test network saying "I love turtles"?
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    Jake: For the Stick, sir! Everything for the Stick! Ahhhh!
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    Show them all up.
    Be the best!
    Break everything all at once!
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    @Root *Skateboard past everyone's desks at the office at breakneck speed, emptying a water bottle over all the Macbook keyboards*

    ✔ Moved fast

    ✔ Broke things

    So boss, what's next?
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    @Root bad week?
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    @donuts bad year, if I’m being honest.
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