Manager: Does anybody having any money saving ideas?

Dev: By switching our supplier from X to Y we could save $10,000/year and they have much better customer service.

Manager: So? I’m looking more for savings opportunities in the +$100k range. That’s a small idea, I’m looking for *BIG* ideas.

Dev: Do you have any big ideas?

Manager: No, but I really really want to save big money like that. I thought you would have something worthwhile.

Dev: $10,000 still a lot of money

Manager: I guess…. Ok we can do it. But don’t bother me with peanuts like this again.

Dev: ??? You asked me buddy

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    @jespersh ideally he should be flipping burgers at McDonald’s (with some supervision...).
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    @rutee07 your idea wins. I’m totally going with it
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    @jespersh He wants onto the senior management team who don’t bother with any problem less than 100k valuation so he adopts the same behaviour. Unfortunately what really costs the company millions a year are the thousands of ignored $1k-10k problems that hurt us everyday. It’s like watching someone starve in front of a plate of beautiful steaks because the steaks aren’t as big as they like. Never mind the fact anytime a steak that suits them comes along instead of eating it with a fork and knife they make countless “big important meetings” about the issue, try to eat it all in one bite, choke on it and then spend the rest of their time looking for a scapegoat to blame their indigestion on.
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    So he’s ignoring 10*10k issues which sums to 100k. Basic math is another thing he’s shit at. How many other ways is this guy retarded?
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    As an old saying goes, “Take care if the pennies and the pounds take care of them self”

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    @molaram 5k? I’m asking for a 99.9k raise. I mean it’s just peanuts right?
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    What a fucking poser. Seriously, don't managers go to school to learn how to save money on things?
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    @Demolishun Why save small money when big money do trick?
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    @Demolishun youd be surprised. Some managers will literally treat their subordinates like shit because "everyone is replaceable" while not realizing that they will waste a whole lot more time in interviews and onboarding process than just treating people like their human beings. And that doesn't just apply to software development but basically any career field or business.
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    @Demolishun this manager needs to go to school to learn how to make Big Macs and fries. He’ll need these skill some day
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    I bet he told you off and went to senior management saying it was his idea to save $10k the next day.
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    Funny story
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    So he wants to money 🤔 tell him to take a pay cut!
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    @boombodies gather a bunch of 1-10k problems that are all related or in the same category, into one package, and then call it a "strategic savings/cost cutting plan for [category]"
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    Does the manager really just go around asking devs about how to save money?

    Devs usually don't even look at the budget for anything other than licences. Not like we know how much the marketing department costs.
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