Why do we rant here? Why can’t companies allow a safe space for their employees to vent out their woes? Or does that just add tension/make the workplace heated coz managers or co-workers could be sensitive to criticism? Or we’re just too stressed and overwhelmed that our woes don’t make sense(and we know it) but we gotta let it out some times? Lol

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    Every workplace is toxic.
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    I mean, some of the stuff I rant about is the conversation I have at work about how there are problems.

    So, yeah, toxic.
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    I can't rant in public, company has this "image" to maintain.

    I can't rant at my manager to much, he'll get the wrong impression and probably sack me 🤔 then again....

    So anonymous ranting it is.
    Plus, Devrant is more then rants, it's a community of tired assholes who hate their job but enjoy complaining to others who also hate their job. It puts things into perspective as how bad some devs have it in comparison.
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    You mom knows why. Ask her?

    Because I cannot say shit like that at work.
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    @error503 sad :( wish it wasn’t that way
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    @milk there are few exceptions I can tell you my work environment ain't toxic and some other companies I worked at weren't either.
    But it's definitely not the majority, you have to take time to choose the right one
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    @C0D4 truuue. It’s like a community-sourced therapy/counseling, you also meet friends who shares the same woes.

    Honestly, I learn a lot from people’s rants here when they share their experience/mishaps and what they did to solve it, what they feel about management, what keeps them going

    My colleagues also don’t say much when they’re doing something…so I have no idea what they’re feeling or if they need help. But at the same time, I can’t just be there all the time for them coz I got my own stuff going on
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    @Lyniven omgg you so lucky. how did you find yourss? How did you know the culture is the right fit for you? Is that the case from even before you were there or something that developed over time?

    I don’t like the feeling of getting trapped in a dead end workplace where maggots starts to come out of wall cracks because hidden behind is a rotten culture that can’t be revived. Lol why do I have a melodramatic depiction of a toxic workplace
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    Bc venting your woes at the company is a good way to get fired. So this place exists to do it safely and anonymously
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    There is a difference between ranting and constructive criticism. If one of colleagues was ranting all the time I would say: ok I get your point and I may agree, but how can we fix it? Make it better?

    And this is just a place on the internet where you can totally rant and let out your feelings. No one judges ;)
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    Work is an environment of discretion and dishonesty. The best workplaces are those which realize this and facilitate social interaction when it naturally arises without forcing it on those workers who just want to do their job, get paid and go have fun elsewhere.
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    Because sometimes all I want to say is fuck you but it isn't very constructive or productive. It definitely won't fix my problems so there's no point saying it to the other person when they'll get upset and I'm simply being a dick.
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    @lbfalvy I can relate so much. Thank you! :(
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    @itsJakyll Yea true, often times it's just coz we're overwhelmed/annoyed. I curse a lot when under pressure
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    @error503 people are toxic.

    Everyone is toxic in their own toxic way.

    Dysfunction is the human norm, rather than the exception.

    Team work isnt so much working together as learning the implicit methods by which not to step on each others toes.

    It's the art of combining class, decorum, and efficiency all into a smoothly operating machine.
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