Difficult tasks, dog is sick, S.O. suffering from depression, sleep deprived, and now I accidentally type "rm -r / ./" instead of "rm -r ./" on the production server. Whyyyyy

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    At least you didn't force it

    Sleep deprivation is not good. Fix it. Other things would fall in line
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    Take a break sir before your body forces you to do so.
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    @asgs thanks! will do for sure.
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    @Cyanide will do. the fact that i dozed off while typing is insane and is not something that should happen again
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    Echoing the others -

    - Take some much needed time off.
    - Sleep
    - Tell your S.O. it’s okay to be depressed, give them a hug and get some lunch on your day off
    - I’m sorry your dog is sick at all the wrong times.
    - Lastly, don’t ssh to prod when you’re sleep deprived. That deploy can wait. If your company doesn’t respect that, come work for mine.
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    Why were you logged in as root ?
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    the "rm" command should get an update that throws a warning when you wanna delete root ,in whatever circumstances.
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    @NeatNerdPrime it already does that

    You have to add --no-preserve-root for it to actually delete root. The default is to protect it
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    @devphobe *bear hug*

    This too shall pass.
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    @devphobe Thanks for the advice! I took the weekend to just calm down. The wife, dog and I are all doing a lot better now.
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    @Floydimus Thanks man. It is starting to pass. I'm making sure I learn from this to prevent this in the future.
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    @killames it's a legacy setup that requires me to be logged in as root to access the node process manager we use (pm2). Honestly don't have much technical depth with it as I am one of those "full stack" devs that has become the whole team for this project.
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