Every day we move one step towards Skynet.

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    Why is reddit
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    That very concept was dreamed up by someone who wanted a good laugh at weaponized censorship while raping people

    And I wouldn’t envision sky net as being a homosexual stool pigeon

    I’d envision it as a mechanical Kali that rained nukes on our wretched backwards population lol

    Go sky net
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    I like the second bot. When the machines rise, I hope they will be of that kind.
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    Btw, how is humanity considered better that mankind?
    Both words have 'man' inside them.
    And woman has also 'man' in it. So, is it bad, too?
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    @Lensflare woman is especially bad
    Luckily it’s fun to put things in having more orifices as well as more letters
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    @Lensflare lol that's a good fuckin point. In five years they will have issues with the terms they put in place themselves.

    Mental illness collects on the internet. And it writes Reddit bots apparently
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    How long before the bots start downvoting each other, or reporting each other as offensive content automatically?
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    Everyday, humanity walk closer to the first robot uprising.
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    That humankind/mankind debate is nothing compared to that shit that some folks trying to push over the German language, it's literally newspreak from 1984
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    @ExtremNerd indeed. Many German Programmierer:innen feel the pain.
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    @Lensflare humanity is derived from human? i think mankind is kinda reductive 🤷 I don't see any reason to oppose inclusive language, it's not hurting anyone
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    this debate also happens in my language, and our words are very distinct (homem 🧔, mulher 👩, humano 👥)
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