As a Java Dev, the thing that frightens me most about colonizing Mars is that we have to rewrite the Date class...

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    But I hope we will way less number of timezones to handle
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    It really is scary. Imagine you're traveling, how will the time zone as you're going there? The flight would take about a month I think according to latest info from SpaceX. Do you keep using earth days? Will we have 2 dates? What if things need to sync? Fuck.
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    It would probably end up using ship time I.e. The time zone used by the country that owns the vehicle and stick to earth units days, hours, etc.
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    You know it has already been done, yeah?
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    Is LocalDate not going to work?
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    'Yoda-Time' will be usable across the galaxy...
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    Try Frink, runs on JVM: https://frinklang.org//...
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    Why does it need to be rewritten and not extended?
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