So... I'm a DevOps engineer and I received an email from boss today wanting me to do "tech Ops" for next few months, basically tech support because they are having a shortage and too much tickets that they can't handle. *Palmface*

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    It sounds bad for your skills.
    I would try to appeal that decision.
    May be even strictly refused.
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    Did you reply no already?
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    @darkwind He says "it's just a suggestion to discuss" but I'm pretty sure he's not gonna take it lightly if I refuse.
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    @asgs not yet. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Linkedin job search, meanwhile say no? If there is shortage, they cant kick you
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    @asgs not yet. Any suggestions?
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    @waldz just speak to him explaining why you are not interested

    You can politely decline their suggestions. You do what you like and you do what fits your role
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