Matrix 4 trailer was such a shit show.

I don’t know why, but I honestly believed that it would not be as bad as it turned out to be. I’m such a stupid prick for believing in it.


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    Everything today is VFX overload.

    Though I loved White Rabbit. Maybe because the song is lovely than the placement.
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    Beauty and the beast
    Enough said
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    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Blade Runner
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    It has John Wick sitting in a tub with a rubber duck on his head. I approve.
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    My friend showed it me last night. It's okay.

    What's wrong?
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    Not sure whether the trailer is for a movie or Blender.

    Also, if for a movie, not sure if it is for a psycho drama about shicophrenia or for a science fiction about a human underground fighting some AI gone rougue and keeping the human civilization in VR pods for whatever reason.

    Being heavy on the VFX isn't bad per se. Full reliance on them isn't necessarily bad either (see Avatar).
    We'll see, whether it is just another plothole fest of a popcorn movie trying to please all the audiences and ending up being mediaocre to almost all of them at best.
    Or if it will be one of that movies that are still worth talking about decades later.
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    I watched it earlier, then see this post.

    It's kinda like Neo woke up after the reset, only to have amnesia somehow.

    I've got a sick kind of feeling it's going to be a reboot of the trilogy in a single film somehow.

    But seriously, who doesn't like John Wick rubber ducking in the matrix 👀
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    I just don't like the "Morpheus" wannabe in the trailer. Sorry guys, but Lawrence Fishburne is Morpheus, and if you want to use a different actor then write a different fucking role.

    I don't hate the idea of new Matrix movies, but it'll be a fucking tough sell without Fishburne and Hugo Weaving. I don't hate reboots but The Matrix doesn't need one. It's aged amazingly well and is almost impossible to match anyway.

    They should just make a new trilogy with completely new cast that takes place in a different iteration of the Matrix. Or a deeper layer or whatever the fuck they like.
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    The Matrix is a standalone movie with no sequels.
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    @C0D4 same, I've thought it's a reboot, just how similar many things are
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    @electrineer I never got what people have against the second movie. Like okay, it's not as good as the original. But it was still good with a ton of new ideas. One of the big issues is that it's obviously made for another sequel and so the story just ends in the middle.
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    Agree, I love the whole trilogy. Though, I think the second and third movies could’ve been combined into one.
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    The problem was that the movie was made as a standalone and the sequels were exactly that. Tacked on extras that violate the original premise and ending of the first.

    Original : "I can manipulate the code of the matrix to do anything I want making me the unstoppable chosen one"

    Sequels : "Character neo gains stop bullet and flight abilities and loses all other manipulation abilities because that was just a cut scene. Go beat up bad guys with your fists now!"

    The original was written for philosophers and programmers. The sequels were written for action movie fans.
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