And award for "Bitch of the week" goes to....

Android Studio's latest update!!!

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    Wish me luck im about to tackle this today. Have deferred android dev lately b c hate to update studio lol
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    Good luck, be ready for gradle to get super pissed fairly regularly 😂😂😂
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    Despite Android studio being the official Android ide, I only hear shit coming from it
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    Lol, I never had any issues with AS. It's doesn't really matter what IDE you use, you will also hear shit coming from xcode users.
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    Yeah, I don't think it's that android studio is bad, I think it's that all software just breaks sometimes and makes life hard.
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    Imagine hell I went through updating Android Studio at work and home and having to go through Gradle nagging three times 😭
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    @gitpush I have a laptop, desktop, and work desktop I develop on. I empathize with that
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