interview today

me: and can you tell me a little bit more about your development process? e.g. an example dev cycle from reqs to testing and review...?

senior dev interviewing me:
*gives frustrated/annoyed "why tf are you asking these?" look*
So, uh, we don't really use testing for these projects cuz it would make it harder to refactor later.
(and responded nothing else on the topic)

I left shortly after that.

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    Bullet well dodged there
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    So he either doesn't know what refactoring is or how to write tests, but he sure as hell doesn't sound very senior.
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    @deadlyRants definitely neither. And also it turns out he was the lead dev there not just any "senior".
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    @Alt-Tab Sounds like you literally dodged a (lead) bullet there 🤭
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    You are the man.

    I always try to give the interviewer a grilling over their company and normally I’m pretty good at it but that’s one question I’m going to steal and add to my playbook.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn the tables and give them an exercise to compete in *their* own time, so you could be the judge of whether you want to go any further.
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    @TrevorTheRat Holy shit, yes please.

    Also, I'm really glad I'm not the only one. So many interviewers get offended or salty when I ask questions so it's reassuring to hear I'm not crazy for doing so.
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    @Alt-Tab I’ve got a friend now who interviewed me for a job (didn’t know him before that).
    He actually loved that I asked him some hard questions. It showed that I knew my stuff and that I had high standards.
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    I got rejected at multiple interviews for drilling into their processes.
    "Not a cultural fit" is usually the excuse.
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    @TrevorTheRat What other questions are in your playbook?
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