Anyone coding like in the right picture? 😮
(I mean the comments with smileys not the code part)

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    The comments in the screenshot gave me cancer.
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    "The code on the left is bad, it is hacker code used to steal nudes"
    WTF man .... nobody's here for your nudes Bitch.
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    else if (a > b && b < a) // well played
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    Comments on the right are like: "This variable is an int. An int is a variable without a decimal" -_-
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    " /* This is the end of the program! See you guys later xD */ "

    Who says goodbye in their code lmao
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    I don't see a difference between women and men. I've seen lots of men commenting and using meaningful variable names. I know at least a couple girls that use code golfing and cryptic name conventions. They're fewer than men, but female devs are scarce anyway.
    I guess it is a personality trait.
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    Here is the picture with a higher resolution: https://i.imgur.com/Ot9xvxh.jpg

    Source: https://reddit.com/r/...
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    @Yeah69, it's a joke, including the messages at the bottom.
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    When girls try designing and use comic sans
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    @linuxer4fun I'm a Comic Sans and I found that offensive :D
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    @bemero well... Im a comic sans... And over the top I am a woman...

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    Even when i was starting out, i would never code like the left--that wouldn't help me remain sane, but adds a car with a full gas tank to the fire
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    @AllenII, that kind of code is more common in game development and embedded, hardware specific stuff.
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    I think I'm somewhere in between. I comment my code a lot lately.
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    The code on the left is a "fast inverse square root". It's literally a LEGENDARY piece of code. It first showed up in Quake 3 Arena's source code and the game wouldn't have been possible without it. No one knows who actually wrote it though ... Holy shit 😵😵😍😍
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    I write logical readable code with unit tests, no need to waste space with comments.
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    This fake feminism gives me cancer
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    I write it while I'm inspired and comment it while I'm not. So there's enough time to comment it all without wasting precious time while in the zone
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    So cringy
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    or, you know, if you give variables an ACTUAL name, you wouldn't have to comment shit like "`x` is the reminder of the division from the previous cycle"
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