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    That's a cute graph
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    @alexbrooklyn I hope it's readable...
    Logical Lines Of Code per PHP Class file

    Edit: Shot on my PotatoPhone™
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    @PonySlaystation but why not take a screenshot and crop it...
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    @melezorus34 could be a restricted work machine.
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    @melezorus34 @RememberMe Valid question. I'm not at work anymore and I lazily took the pictures. 😅
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    That reminds me of a website I was asked to 'audit' (see if I could find things that needed fixing, solutions to send the developer, etc).

    I say 'audit' because I'm not qualified to do anything remotely close to a security audit, so it was just me checking out the site for flaws. It was pro bono so not much effort was involved.

    For php sites, the first thing I do is bring up the browser console, check out the first server request and read the header.

    "Ah -hah! There's your problem. "X-Powered-By: PHP-5.3.0"

    PHP 5.3 is on a league of its own. Using non-declared variables does not throw an error and I remember seeing non-declared variables used as falsy values in if statements. Can you imagine debugging that shit?
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    That’s not even so bad yet… I’ll try to remember to run PhpMetrics on our codebase come Monday and show what’s legacy hell really like.
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    My eyes my eyes!! 😩
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