Things I hate
- geese
- guinea pigs
- the word “marsupials”
- the words “dollairs” and “dollary-doos”
- weak words like “magnises” where it isn’t immediately obvious what vowel is a strong one
- jackals
- hyenas
- feminazi
- the word “moose”
- the trend of upper-class gen x downshifter people to name their creations after less popular animals like mongoose and others
- words that fall into the uncanny valley where they are just like normal words yet are slightly off
- mispronounced personal names
- billie eilish face
- the name “Podger”
- Johnny Depp’s ex-wife
- php
- alice in the wonderland
- cult following of 1984 by George Orwell
- my older sister
- lack of grounding in any hardware
- the word “Garbaruk”
- the word “Aardvark”
- anything that was ever made by Paul Comp
- the word “Bushwick”
- Keanu reeves face in John wick
- fonts with weight less than 400 that try their best to be as “geometric” as possible
- netflix
- spotify
- slack
- war
- schizophrenia
- history of turkey and britain
- the word “canola”
- the picture of a seagull wearing square sunglasses
- tom and jerry
- how they wrote relationship between chip, dale and gadget
- the word “lululemon”

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    What do you mean, a large curved surface with a connection in its center is perfect ground.d
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    some of those i dont understand
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    I see repeat news about a man who loves his job in one picture and a guy who was identified as a posing chomo by one of my sources.
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    I respected and accepted your opinion as a fellow human being.. until i saw "tom and jerry". How degenerate of you! (obv kidding, no hate)
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    @JustThat LMAO
    What is it again ? I've seen the brand and I swear I've seen the name on a store sign but I can't remmeber wth it is. but yes that still remains funny.

    reminds me of ling ling from drawn together "Prell" :P he pronounced it "Plurr" haha
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