Thank you, Slack

Learn More is just a bunch of unsolicited instructions

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    thats code for 'your phone works fine right now, lets force you to buy a new one !'
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    Lol, you must update your os to use this app. Cause we don't give a fuck about customers.
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    Dev: "why the fuck do we need to support IE on our Web app, who the hell uses that out dated crap"

    Same dev: "why the fuck doesn't your app support my out dated, buggy version of android"
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    Something goes to iOS 12.2 , so what I do , I create an app (WebView) for myself. So I don't have to go to the browser everytime.
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    I am more interested in how you managed to keep an android 7 device working. This is a 5 year old version on a device that's supposed to have a life cycle of 2-3 years.
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    @nibor incidentally, I'm not a Frontend developer, so I never dreaded IE or its quirks. But your point is clear. I am only asking to keep a degraded version of app running if the app compatibility with the OS is so bad. App was good enough to launch and populate the channels but they still had to show a popup as they literally wanted to stop investing in 4-5 year old Androids

    @datablitz7 this is not my primary device. I used it prior to my current phone. It is still fair enough to do basic tasking while my primary device is charging or doing something else
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