hey guys what do you think about MR.ROBOT serial? how much its close to reality? you recommend or not? actually i'm not a series fan but i like to taste.

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    Watched ep1 and thought "well at least it doesn't seem to embarrass itself when it comes to tech speak" but figured it would end up being more of a thriller with minor tech elements than particularly focused on tech.
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    It started off pretty good, tech almost made sense most of the time, every now and again it had the "magic" element to it, and then it spiraled into another shitty show by the end of the second season. That's where I pulled the plug.

    Apparently it got better after that but I lost interest.
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    It's one of the better TV shows out there IMO. I don't work in security, so not everything is super clear to me, but even the parts I don't fully understand seem realistic. There are other shows in which it almost seems like the creators are trying to find how much absurdity they can shove in until the general non-tech audience starts noticing.
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    Halt and catch fire is much better.

    Or Silicon Valley
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    S1 good
    S2 meh
    S3 ok
    S4 probably writers were drunk as every episode is different… there are episodes where it’s good, episodes where you start questioning if you are still watching mr. Robot or a teenage movie, episodes which are there for the romance and episodes where it’s cool, but not in the tech way.
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    As said it's good and you can see that they put quite some effort to make the tech part realistic. However it is more of a thriller than just a "hacker movie", particularly in the latter seasons (which doesn't mean that it's not good).
    Personally I still rank it as one of my favorite series, particularly tech related ones. HCF is another great one, though I'd categorize it as a drama.
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