The happiness we get when the code works.
Is there any one word for it.

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    Aah, the feeling of successfully manifesting that which was once only an idea into a system that can solve problems in the physical world. Pride in your achievement, motivation to do more, and a little bit of cockyness.
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    In my case the word would be 'suspicious' ;)
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    I call that the 'Frankenstein moment"

    "ITS ALIVE!"
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    Stockholm syndrome?
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    Nirvana, Exhilaration, Satisfaction, Contentment, Delight, Arrogance are just some of the emotions that are running inside me, when I finally write code that just works, the way it should be... I don't think that any word is ever made that could truly describe us or that moment..

    So, I guess, my answer to your question would be: Inexplicable

    (Talking about cases where I need to face a lot of hardships... Since, in my opinion, these are the ones that truly matters..)
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    @DoctorWhatIf These are two words... But, I guess this is an apt description on how we feel...

    The thrill of finally achieving our goal and at the same time, the excitement that overtakes our mind to try and climb and conquer the next big mountain...

    It is truly intoxicating...
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    An exultant relief.
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    Next... (bug/production issue)
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    @mhudson man, from time to time I get myself saying that line too xD
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