Applied peroxide to a wound? You're a nurse now.

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    If you've ever cooked a meal, it's okay to put "Chef" in your bio.
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    Everyone deals differently with their imposter syndrome
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    I mean, by all means put it in your Twitter bio. Put "almighty overload of the photocopier" in your Twitter bio if you like, no-one cares.

    Anywhere that matters though, such as your LinkedIn profile though... yeah, that's not going to go down so well.
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    Wait, so Twitter is a hell hole full of pretenders?!

    Well I would never! How unexpected!
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    1+1 in python interpreter is a line of code... Good luck on the interview 😜
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    Some people just like to demerit other people.
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    I typed "allow paste" into the Firefox console to unlock pasting from clipboard. Am I full-stack yet?
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    If you've ever lent money to someone (and got it back), it's ok to put "banker" on bio.
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    If you’ve ever farted, it’s ok to put "musician" in your bio.
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    I've made some tunes. Guess I fulfilled my dream of being a composer!
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    the person: i can code!
    the same person: why is python saying there's a parse error and what does that mean
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    I saw Albert Einstein picture on e in Google image. I guess I am Albert Einstein junior 2 then...hahahahah
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    @kamen if you wash your car, then you can put you are an automobile engineer
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