This post is about Americans.

Or to be more precise and put it this way, this post is about Indian Americans.

They made their way through everything and somehow landed in the US to shit on streets.

They feel themselves to be entitled to another level.

I work with multiple colleagues who are based out of the US. ALL of the American people are very friendly and accommodating since we have a timezone challenge.

BUT these Indian Americans think they run the world. Slight inconvenience and they create an issue out of it.

My entire non-tech team and I am struggling to align to these fucks and none of them are supportive. While scheduling a meeting

fuck it.. I am so done that it's not even worth ranting about it.

On the other news, I am in the job market, actively hunting jobs while they keep rescheduling meetings. I have a couple of connects with recruiters lined up.

I am expecting few interviews and maybe in some time, I might be able to close a decent offer. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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    Dafaq! Why is this downvoted?
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    I won't delete this post, not because I want to prove myself but this would stand as a reminder for me of my strong claims which turned out to be racists and stereotypical.

    I might have used a wrong tone here and I own up my mistake and will not cover up with excuses.
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    @molaram I won't. I'll own my mistakes, face the criticism, and learn from.it.
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    @molaram I ain't stupid.
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    Brought you up to -5. Cause WhyTF not. I dunno, I get the impression most Indians in America are hard workers.

    Are people mixing this up with Native Americans?
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    I thought it was about native Americans too even though it made no sense
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    @Demolishun @electrineer ohhhh fuck!! Now I get it.

    People thought this was about native Indians and not Asian Indians. Hahaha

    Their iverly hard working attitude has affected the ruined the corporate culture.

    @root and @sortoftested would understand my point.
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    Brought you up to -2.

    People see everything that’s about a particular race as racist now, especially if it’s negative, and feel justified in lashing out at the perceived evil racism. Stereotypes exist for a reason, though, and this one is decently solid.

    I’ve met more than a few Indians here who act like they own the world. To be abundantly clear for the woke crowd, it’s not every one of them, but it’s enough that it’s noticeably more than from (most) other cultures.

    Among the common threads I’ve noticed: If there’s a language barrier, it’s your fault, not theirs; their English is perfect. If they can get a little bit more credit or an easier workload, they’ll happily throw you under the bus to achieve it. Little messes everywhere, especially with food/dishes/wrappers, and personal hygiene seems to be an afterthought: messy hair, dirty hands/face, wrinkled clothes, lack of showering, filthy restrooms. Punctuality also seems an afterthought: schedule a meeting for 10:00, expect them to arrive at 10:15. It’s infuriating. And even moreso: they talk and even brag about things they don’t know about or understand. I haven’t seen any shitting on the street yet (though I don’t live in California), but the curry stereotype is amusingly accurate. Not going to lie, though, curry is amazing.

    It’s common enough to be frustrating. It is all circumstantial and based on my personal experiences, but these apply to 70% of the Indians I’ve worked with.
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    Every race has their quirks, their strengths, and their frustrations though, and neither noticing, anticipating, nor accepting this is racist.

    I’m Irish, so let’s talk about my own race too. Irish tend to be overly religious, superstitious, traditional / slow to change, lazy, hardheaded/stubborn, sarcastic/needling (guilty), unlucky (history), and some of us are hotheaded (guilty), love a good fight (guilty), and drunk (fewer than you’d think, but it’s the popular stereotype). But we’re also quite friendly, social, hardy, reliable, and very hardworking on things we care about.
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    @Root Fucking Irish people!

    I am 86% Irish.
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    Bro , in 2021 you can’t say that , you will get cancelled.
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    @johnmelodyme well part of my famille was cancel by a right military junta... So...
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    @jotamontecino ....................................................................................................................................
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    @johnmelodyme perspective man, stupide people bitching on stupide social media... Not a real threat....
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    Now it's quite positive
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    @Root thanks. One thing I'll miss when I move to the UK/EU is not being able to meet you and other awesome American friends I made here.

    I love how you articulated my thoughts. I need to improve that so that I can better present myself.

    So much room for improvement. I literally know nothing.

    > If you haven't lived long enough in Ireland than you are not Irish.

    Lmao bro wtf!! You sound like an Indian who lacks basic sense.

    @johnmelodyme what do you mean by cancel? Are you pointing at cancel culture? I have no clue what that is, you'll have to explain it me.

    @jotamontecino again, if you think digital threats are not real then you haven't encountered serious trouble via internet which evidently shows up in lack of your experience.
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    @Floydimus yes sir... I was mentioning the cancel culture.
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    @Floydimus Aw, that’s not true. 🤗
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    @johnmelodyme but what is cancel culture?
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    @Root you are smart and a good person, both.

    A rare find. Haha :)
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    @Floydimus a culture that cancels you
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    @johnmelodyme and what happens in that?

    ELI5 me man. Stop teasing me by keeping me in suspense.
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    @Floydimus that's all , the culture that cancel you and will ended up all of your profile in internet being banned. And suddenly you became famous.

    As we lived in a digital age where people can't handle shit.
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    @johnmelodyme oh yes. This is what happened here as well.

    We got weaklings from normie media started participating here.
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    @Floydimus euh... I get that you don't like the idea, and I don't give a fuck about it... As you should...

    Mob (lynching) phenomenon is always damaging. And giving the neural research and manipulation social media can do (at level scale never seen before), it can have a phenomenal impact on younger people mental health...
    And I have encounter IRL danger way more than virtual...

    All that being said I'm human, ergo a shithead XD
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    >I have encountered IRL dangers more than virtual

    Then stop doing stupid shit bro.
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    @Floydimus being human makes it very difficult... And as said, I'm a shithead... Intrinsically... And yes, it makes some shit way more difficult...

    NB: enjoy your long and slow death... As we all should.
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