Frontend vs Backend
Management vs Tech

Who win...

I choose Backend and Tech

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    @thmnmlst then why always developer has to suffer?... Manager and team gets more... And that's why only start up is the beat solution for it
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    They should all work together...

    So, for your question I answer:
    Full stack
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    Neither will win, for the first vs line at least. Yes, back end is very important but without front end, who the fuck is going to use it?
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    @linuxxx one thing I want to add...

    Where do you draw the line of frontend and back-end?

    In MVC is the frontend just the views? You could say that but let's get more grey in this... With js frameworks like AngularJS or React (and that one is trickier) what is the back-end? Just the API or the client side controller logic is still back-end? (It is to mee)...

    People tend to say they are just backend or frontend but I believe that is an antiquated notion or only applied to application development or heavily distributed systems. Not for modern web and mobile development. For these developers even if you are more focused in back or front I urge to learn more of the other part so you can grow and deliver better solutions. Become full stack! :P
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    @mmcorreia I believe that backend and frontend speak for itself. I'm a backender and I literally do all the back end work while my business partner does all the front end work. The only backend thing he touches are a few model functions or variables which he gets passed through to the view. I personally don't give a single crap about frontend so no full stack for me :P
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    @linuxxx you don't but your partner has to dip he's toes in backend to arrange he's views...

    I was full backend but started seeing too much crap in the front... So, I started to do frontend to... That helped me to make better models and endpoints to accelerate the frontend... So, I am Full stack now...

    I am just saying that if you are backend learn some of the frontend and vice versa...

    A product needs both and if the too parts communicate easily then the development is quicker and the product tends to be better
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    @mmcorreia True but only for one or two functions/vars. I understand the full stack principle but I just freaking hate front end and I'm not going to so something which I can't stand doing really. I get your arguments as well though!
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    @linuxxx you can understand the needs of frontend without doing it... If you are a good backend dev and can easily integrate and work with frontend devs, great! I got your back :D

    Typically in my teams I am the full stack and I have at least one backend and one frontend specialists... I find things go great like that
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    @mmcorreia Yeah obviously front end is just as important as back end!
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    I like leadership and engineering
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