- Phone screen with HR - went well
*set up interview with CEO*
- Interview with CEO - went well
*set up tech interview with a dev*
- Tech Interview - interviewer doesn't show up
I sent followup email, asking if we needed rescheduling - no response

I don't understand why I was ghosted like that, at least they could've sent a message to reject me or something? Seemed like a waste of time.

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    These things happen a lot. Sometimes the dev interviewing you didn’t show up because they didn’t know they had to interview you. Sometimes the dev loses track of time. Sometimes when you followup and get no response it’s because they filled the position and didn’t have the courtesy to tell you. Best to just move on. And slam them on Glassdoor for their rude interview practices.
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    You could contact the HR and explain the situation to make sure it wasn't a simple error.
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    Send a single email asking and then if you don't hear from them, move on. It's sad that ghosting is the norm from recruiters, but it's true. Just don't expect anything more and you won't be disappointed.
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    @AlmondSauce @electrineer

    I had sent a clear email explaining the situation and asking for rescheduling, but I got no response. This was a little while ago, so I have moved on.
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    Why the ass would you interview with both HR and the CEO? I mean ok, if you got the job and the CEO wanted to see who his new slave was then ok, but why the eagerness?
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