An interviewer asked me what work-life balance meant to me
I said something like it was essential, and I would like to set boundaries and start and end work at set times if possible.
They then asked if I would fix something at 2 am, I sort of jokingly said that I would if I could wake up (probably shouldn't have said that lol)
And so they asked what if in case I was on-call, and I said I would if I was on-call

After this interview, I had one tech interview (that went well), but then I didn't hear back from them.

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    If such a joke was the thing that put them of I think they have an unhealthy view on work scheduling.

    Or they just had lots if candidates.

    If you are expected to be on call that time of night you need it to be scheduled so you not also need to work day at the same time, unless they have some extreme way to awake you ;)
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    @Voxera That’s how that is supposed to work? Huh.
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    @Voxera what!?!
    Am I understanding you right that on-call is not a 24/7 gig, and at all hours day and night you need to be watching a status light blink from green to red and react in the same instant?
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    Nothing wrong with being on call, but it needs to be fairly compensated, and it's not for everyone.

    If you don't want to be on call, no harm in just saying that. Better you don't get the job than you regret it and have to find somewhere new after a few months.
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    So... Dodged a bullet?
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    "Are you crazy? Hell no."
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    @rutee07 😅 Yeah, I kept notes on all of the interviews I've had
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    My life as slave labour (:
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