Is anybody actually using Adobe DreamWeaver for web development?

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    If they are, they don't deserve to be called a web dev.

    Bit like eclipse.
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    As a UI design tool probably, like Figma
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    DreamWeaver always just existed so that graphic designers (or random people off the street, let's be honest) could call themselves web devs.

    Thing is, in the 90's and early 00's you could get away with it - responsive wasn't a thing, JS might be used for making a monkey dance on a page and not much more, CSS was as simplistic as it got, and most of the time you just had to "design by image" - heck, you couldn't do so much as a gradient without resorting to an image. So it produced crappy, horrible code with images everywhere, but that was basically how you did web dev in the 90's anyway, even manually.

    These days of course we've moved on, and that approach (thank goodness) is no longer viable for anything more than school projects.
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    Ah my school uses that abomination
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    I hope the fuck not
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