Just signed a contract as a full-time web developer at Mid-Norway's largest productions house.
Prior 6 months as an apprentice, no prior formal education, self-taught since the age of 12, and I'm 20 now.

I see myself needing a stress ball in the future

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    good luck!
    but stress in the country that invented the stressless chair, is that even possible? 🤔
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    @heyheni w00t, one of the few persons I've met, that actually know that the stressless were invented in Norway :O

    And yes, there's stress here. When clients are slow to decide, but still keep the deadline we first intended. Launch 30th of March, only 30% in
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    congrats and have fun with coffee/black tea/redbull and beer. It's better than a stressball ;)
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