Sooo I've just learned that one of the new guys I'm helping train (And is a level below my role in seniority) is being paid approx. 12.9% higher than what I'm being paid; I got promoted a few months back (Been with the 'biz for over 4 years) and he was hired around the same time (A few months back). I learned this as we've both become good friends, and were on the topic personally and informally. Our salaries are not publically known outside of personal disclosure. My manager / HR is not aware that I know this. How do I bridge this with my employer?

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    @rutee07 in my experience usually if you mention "market rate" they brush you off. Honestly unless you're attached to the business, I'd look elsewhere. If you're already making the same as someone a level below you, there's probably not much potential. Even if they give you a raise, you'll probably be stuck with that pay rate for another decade of so.
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    1. Tell manager you need a large increase, or you start interviewing somewhere else.
    2. Start interviewing anyways, as manager will ignore/delay as much as possible.
    3. Get to an offer letter.
    4. Tell your manager: "Remember I asked for a raise? you have 2 days to make me a better/matching offer, or I leave"
    5. Go work for other place, or current place gives you a huge raise. In any case, you win.

    Don't be afraid.
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    What @rutee07 said. No point dressing it up more than that. Just bear in mind they'll probably say an outright "no" or give you some crappy increase then pretend you owe them the world - and there's nothing you can do to stop that.

    In reality, if you want to keep up your salary rate alongside the market average then you just have to switch jobs every 2-3 years. It's simply the easiest and least stressful way to do it.
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