My employer has this really cool thing. Where if I do my job very well, I get to do other peoples jobs too!

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    Sounds fun, you probably get their paycheck too :P
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    @SoftDev haha, well that's funny. No I don't receive their paycheck.
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    Sounds like it's a bug in the job description or maybe it's a feature. Either way yiu could take advantage of this feature and fuck up your job just bad, so you dont get others work
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    That's cool, in mine we have something similar, each ticket has a defined time if I finish one fast I can start another and earn more. While the lazy people get payed less.
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    Hey mine has that too!!
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    You're the boss
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    "The reward for work well done is more work!"
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    mine too, so I quit some weeks ago :)
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    300 <<<
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    Hey I have that too. And my colleagues are not even Devs! I get to be a web developer, account manager, data analyst, SEO, designer and IT support, while only being paid for one!
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    "That's so bold Kyle" @KyleSoBold

    Sorry I had to
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    Wow, and you're not a team player if you decide that your teammates should do their own work! Dat dere corporate ladder
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    @spences10 read it properly. Don't you understand the meaning? Teamplayer and doing their share of the work is different. I help my team members.
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