Boss: Can you refactor some of the code [dev who recently quit] wrote? Y'know, improve the readability a little bit.

Me: Sure thing. *opens project*

Project: *has 76 variables named var2 through var78*

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    Reading these rants make me feel like a Microsoft MVP.
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    wow, he must have hated that job
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    He was very much a "write spaghetti code for job security" type.
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    var0 and var1 were cut when he refactored
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    And one of the others somewhere on the way to 78. :|
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    One benefit of having a shit short term mem and working on a shit ton of projects is that it taught to write readable code and comment well...for my own sake
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    did he use 76 variables in the same function or did he just throw everything in the global scope?
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    All in one function. The others have their own variables I haven't tried to deal with yet. *shudder*
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    gated code reviews...
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    The guy could've been a genius. Realizing his talents were wasted on the mundane challenges of programming, he decided to play a game of Memory with variables, to spice things up and exercise his mind.
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