i got high praise for my work today, and i can't understand why 😂
i consider my work average at best, but my boss told me everyone sings my praises behind my back. i wonder how dire things must be that this is considered excellent

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    @dumbdev I really hate that term… rockstar dev. What’s that supposed to be? An egoistic asshole that gets their bad attitude forgiven because they are somehow THAT good? Seriously wouldn’t want to work with an arse like that…
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    @dumbdev really, i haven't been doing much at all, just routine work 😂 feeding the databases, some bugfixes, nothing extraordinary
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    I took two months to "fix" a broken server (by completely replacing it) and when I closed the ticket the person who submitted it left a comment: "Thank you so much for the quick resolution!"

    I thought it was sarcasm but later interactions convinced me it was actual praise. And I was dumbfounded.
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    In many places, doing the work yourself and not passing it along itself is praiseworthy
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    Is it a culture thing ?

    I got public praise here for a great job and all I did was read a doc and say “yeah. Seems ok to me”
    The feedback came from the doc author.

    Seemed ridiculous to me but it’s a thing here. There are a lot of heart emojis used on teams conversations.
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    @GeorgeBool 😂😂😂
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    @darksideofyay In your eyes it might not seem excellent work, but never underestimate how bad or lazy coworkers can be...
    The best worker is the one who has a good and steady pace, not the one who rushes and then gets burnt out. 😊
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    @TrevorTheRat I think we need to differentiate between praise and giving credit.

    If someone helps me with something or does something helpful (even if it's their job), I'd probably thank them and acknowledge it (publicly or privately, doesn't matter). I wouldn't consider that praise.

    Edit: Yours might have been real praise, but I tend to take passing "thanks" as acknowledgement.
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    @bananaerror yeah it was real praise.
    Posted on the company wide channel for it.

    But you make a very good point and I think giving thanks should be pretty normal and probably doesn’t happen enough.
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    @100110111 https://esolangs.org/wiki/Rockstar
    https://codewithrockstar.com/ in a few minutes, you too can become a rockstar developer.
    Yes, that language was especially developed for the purpose of annoying people asking for rockstar developers
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    In the land of blind, those who have an eye are kings...
    Same thing is happening to me... And I'm a noob in my area compared to the pros..
    But because my company thinks it's better to hire unskilled work and learn in house, because I have formation and experience, in like 3 months I'm ahead of colleges with over a year of work.
    Only thing that matters is that you have interest in self development. That's what separates the lambs from skilled work.
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