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    What's GLU?
    Like that oct and dec are also month abbreviations
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    @hjk101 I knew you would get stuck there.
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    While there are funny math jokes, this does not seem to be one of them. So:

    Wrongly tagged!!1
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    31_8 = 25_10 = 17_18
    Going to have to vote this down if only Mayans get it.
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    @FuckiOS I literally explained it in my first comment. lol

    I guess some jokes are a little hard to follow.
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    You don’t get how jokes work, which is all right. But that you don’t get the Mayan connection — fucking unforgivable. -100.
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    @FuckiOS Its participation comedy, ala, Andy Kaufman.

    What is the mayan connection? BTW, the number itself means nothing.
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    Hahaha took me a while. Your comment was enough of a hint thanks
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