Dev: (Watches user print out screenshot of maintenance app to do list, walk across facility to printer. walk across facility to equipment and check things off on paper, then walk across facility back to their terminal and copy the findings over.)

Dev: We made the app responsive so they could do that on a mobile device. Why are they printing?

Manager: Printers are cheaper than getting more tablets.

Dev: …

Dev: Can we at least get a printer at each terminal so they don’t waste so much time walking across the facility?

Manager: That’s too many printers to maintain. It’s easier to just have one.

Dev: …

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    I'm genuinely in pain from imagining this...
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    @vintprox I’m genuinely in pain from witnessing it
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    @vintprox I’ll make it even worse, I’ve been following these rants. Management got the tablets because they were cheaper than phones, but didn’t ask if they would work for the workers. Well they didn’t work as well. And they needed cases. Surprise, tablet cases are more expensive. So they get cheap cases, clunky tablets, all for about the cost of upgrading the phones, which weren’t broken or obsolete, to now spend a variable expense on paper. If I had to guess, management did an analysis on how long it would take to recoup the costs of buying the original phones in paper savings.
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    @jeeper it’s like you work here
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    @boombodies your rants are really like déjà vu to me.
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    @jeeper omg is this really the next episode of the tablet sitcom? :-O

    it's getting better and better with each one, i can't wait for the next!
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    Why is it the ones who say "We can't do that, it's too expensive" are the ones who are very highly paid?
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    Professional conversation between dav and their manager.
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