First code review ever, and it's for my job.

Guy was really nice and polite.
Even correctly guessed I don't have much experience with professional coding outside my associates degree and prior job where I was the only programmer most of the time I was there.

Said that since it works functionally and is such a small program there's nothing wrong with it if it meets our purposes ( low priority project )

Then he politely in his words 'nitpicks' 3 points and gives me ideas on how to make it more reliable and less likely to need replaced or completely refactoring in the future.

I think my first time getting code reviewed went well. And one of the things he mentioned was something I didn't know how to do and only took 20 some minutes to implement so I also learned something new from this

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    Hey, every day you learn something new is a good day! Cheers mate!
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    Good code reviews are quite important I think.

    But it's important to not take the things said personally.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine lol speaking of that. My boss messaged me the day I submitted the project to get reviewed asking me to not take the criticism personally if the review was immensely critical

    But I'm already aware I'm a lot newer to the programming field than the person reviewing it. So I know there's a lot to learn and any criticism is just to help me get better so getting upset would just waste time and energy
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    This is awesome, man. Congrats! Sounds like you got a really good first experience! ❤️
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    seems like a nice guy to work with
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    @LotsOfCaffeine it is also important for the reviewer to provide a balanced and valid critique without personal attacks. Sadly some people treat it as an invitation to roast and get abusive.
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    Good to hear! 👏

    A tip for later on:
    if you get a lots of questions or comments - ask the reviewer to have a chat over screen share.
    Maybe you can change stuff together.
    It's useful to "see the PR through their eyes" to get jow others view code.

    Live reviews can be an effective alternative/complement to pair programming.
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