Not sure if I found a red flag or a green flag…

“The candidate needs to know react well. No, using npx create-react-app is not enough!”

On a first sight one may think: “oh cool they search someone with in depth knowledge”

On a second thought, tho…
- Am I going to need to start many react projects in the role? Don’t think so.
- if I am… am I forbidden to use cra? Why? 🤔
- how is not using a bootstrapper a sign of “deep knowledge”?

Sounded interesting at first, but the more I think about it, the more I think this request is a red flag.

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    I would see it as a red flag.

    They sound opinionated and hard set in their ways.

    It also makes it seem like they don't want to use any bootstrapping.
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    Sounds like they mean that knowing how to bootstrap a react project isn't enough
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    @ScriptCoded mhhh think it's a bit redundant, due to the -idiotic- awesome modern selection processes you are asked to develop stuff anyway during the interviews.
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    Sounds like they had a lot of applicants claiming to be senior react developers while actually don't knowing shit.

    If it doesn't read like the standard bullshit bingo, there always is a slight chance of them just trying desperately to filter out the profile spammers...
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    @Oktokolo mhhh honestly it sounds too specific and it sounds like the wrong way to check expertise.

    It’d be way less weird if they wrote stuff as: “using regular components everywhere is not good enough”
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    Red flag simply because they sound like a bunch of twats
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    Well, one sure way to check for whether the job is bullshit or not, is to actually start an argument about React best practices with them.
    And you can also test their discussion and error culture while doing so...
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    @Oktokolo this is very nice idea!
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    I actually don't know how to use cra.

    When I decided to learn React, I already knew vanilla and node, and I didn't want magic. The benefit of IKEA furniture, besides being cheap, is that you actually know how the thing is constructed. If you have a vague intuition for statics, by the time you have a shelf you also know its load bearing, as well as possible modification and extension paths. That's the kind of understanding I wanted, so I built my infra from the bottom up, with npm, webpack, babel and typescript all configured to my liking and in a way I understand. And that setup lasted me almost two years, so I never had to learn it either.
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