I hate my freelancer life.
1. No weekends
2. No particular time to close
3. Work for 12 to 14 hours without sleep sometimes
4. Keep explaining the dumb clients about how development is not wordpress.

Its all fucked up. I have no life.

My average Lines of code this month is around 700 LOC/day. Whereas the average that showed on internet is 100 LOC/day.

I have choosen a hellish life.

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    What were your expectations when you chose this over a corporate job?
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    I was making a website for free for a local centre. But because I used code and not something like Wordpress they didn’t want it in the end.
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    Freelancing like this seems pointless.

    Might as well work a job and be protected by laws governing employment and do freelancing partially or when you're more experienced/valuable and can afford to dictate terms.
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    you know you can quit whenever you want and start again doing something completely different, right?
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    Just to give you something more to worry about: how do you feel about not having any colleagues?

    As someone who works in a team with 7 devs, some designers and an analyst I feel like a huge part of my growth comes from my colleagues teaching me stuff.
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    Are you paid okay?

    Do you just work that much cause you need that many hours to make a decent salary - or do you make more than you need but you need to work overtime cause the projects have such tight time constraints?
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    @okay That should be easier than this , a fixed amount of time for job and forget about that once you leave the office. Enjoy your weekends without any worry. Its cool.
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    @jiraTicket Earning a decent income isnt a problem. That can be done by working for 4hours a day. Being stuck with few projects at a time make it difficult.
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    @vvinu9876 I see. I feel your pain. I was about to try the freelance route once but after a few projects during colleague it was enough for me.
    I'm fine with working a bit over 8 hours when I'm in the zone on a single main project. But couldn't stand switching between multiple projects all the time. Kinda glad working for a company prevents me from taking on too much at once.
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    How is no one surprised over 700 LOC....
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