I was at a expo last weekend, Kensington laptop lock delivered…

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    Don't get it...
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    @nickpapoutsis laptops were stolen
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    @magusd Didn't get that from the photo but ok.
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    @nickpapoutsis it took me a few seconds to realize that too. Check the banners, it's a display of computer locks
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    Yeah Kensington locks are often featured on business laptops, where you can tether them to something strong so they can't be stolen. The joke here is that whatever they used to display this didn't work and all the equipment got removed or stolen regardless.
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    @soup-bowl @magusd I know Kensington very well, have opened a couple of them as well.

    However, the photo shows an empty booth before/after the event, nothing points to a "heist".
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    @nickpapoutsis oh i know its unlikely there was an actual 'heist', just that that's what i thought the perceived joke was. Sorry, i should've made that clearer.
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    @soup-bowl nahh, don't worry... It's the internet, someone will always miss the joke
    I liked it though hahaha
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