What the fuck with daily updates, it makes me feel trapped

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    Why trapped?
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    @Hazarth for weird reason it feels like someone testing me each day and I don't like that feeling. give me damn deadline and I'll complete my task before that deadline
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    @spacefr0st I see. Maybe It's the attitude of your current team/scrum master? Did you have this experience in other teams/companies or this your first? Hmm

    I mean I get what you mean. The first I started doing daily Meetings it felt like we are all on a watchlist and its some sort of BS the manager decided to micro-manage. But this Feeling passed eventually and Instead I can appreciate the advantages of communicating with my team at the start of the day.
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    I mean there are people on dR that feel strongly against scrum in general. I think the model just doesn't fit everyone, but I like it
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    @Hazarth I'm okay with daily scrum, problem comes when i need to report same thing to someone who is involved in that project but is not part of my team and he is kinda higher management. I guess because in my previous company environment used to be a lot like you take the responsibility of the task no body will ask you what's your progress that frequently, just make sure to complete it before the deadline
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