The transition from developer to manager.

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    Are you enjoying it or do you miss coding?
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    Huh, 4 week holiday in July?
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    @jazzydevill Yep! I'm based in the Middle East and I had a statuary vacation which I also added some of my annual vacation days on top of.
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    @joas Short answer, yes.

    Longer answer:
    It was pretty nice having very clear tasks and focusing on coding them out, but at the same time I'm thankfully an "engineering manager" so I still do get to code quite a bit, but I switch contexts and get distracted a lot, but I do have a chance to collaborate with, guide, and train some amazing and promising engineers, and it's amazing seeing all that come together. Being in a leadership position (something I never thought I would be able to do) has pushed me so far outside my comfort zone and completely removed or improved upon some of my weak points. I go into this into a lot more detail in a blog post I wrote to reflect on 2017 if you're interested:

    @obahareth/2017-away-comfort-zone-332720ba7a8d" style="color: #54556e;">https://medium.com/@obahareth/...
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    @obahareth Welp, devRant ate my link. I'm also obahareth on Medium.
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    So you became the person people here rant about? 😛
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    Wondering what GIT platform that is :)
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    I LOLed so hard 😂
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    @obahareth nice article. Happy for your good year 2017!
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    @w4tsn Thanks man!
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    @bdriesen That’s GitHub with a Dark GitHub user script on TamperMonkey.
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    I'd never take a manager role. I got into comp sci because I've loved writing code since I was a kid.
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