Ok so, another post got me thinking…

Every browser I’ve tried sucks one way or another. Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi etc…

Safari on my work Mac is so far the least annoying one, although it seems to have an issue with Google’s services…

On my personal computer (Linux) I use mainly Vivaldi, tho I have Firefox installed as well since apparently Vivaldi doesn’t quite support everything on the interwebs…

So, fellow ranters, what are your favoured browsers (all platforms go!) and most importantly, why?

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    Netscape Navigator
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    @electrineer I kinda do miss those days…
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    Firefox, cause I don't want to learn anything else. It also gives me control via settings page. So if something really sucks I can turn it off.
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    Vivaldi, works flawlessly for me (Linux - but it's as good on Windows). I also have FF installed as backup browser, but I don't actually use it.

    I was an FF user already back in the FF 1.x times, but I quit FF somewhere around 56 or so because they constantly broke shit, killed their main unique selling point (the addons - and no, extensions are not up to addons), and the permanent pointless UI changes sucked.

    I even used the ESR version to escape the worst fallout and read up before updating, and at some point, I found that I mistrusted Mozilla so much that I just couldn't really use FF as main browser anymore. Happy with Vivaldi ever since.

    Also, Mozilla really thought that aping Chrome would help them with their dwindling market share while in reality, it made FF even less attractive because the best Chrome-alike is, unsurpringly, the original Chrome.
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    Firefox still is my go-to browser but @Fast-Nop is right. I was happier with older versions even though the new first based engine is really good.
    Chrome is only nice because Google ducks up their sites often so it only works on Chrome based crap. For that reason alone I will never switch
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    Un-Googled Chromium freshly compiled on a hardened Gentoo because it combines the best tech and security with the least crap.
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    Brave is my favourite, privacy first, chromium based browser.
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    Opera GX

    because it has built-in CPU and RAM usage limiters which you can set however you want, and it actually keeps itself within those limits.

    i have never been happier with a browser since i'm using it.
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    I like to use qutebrowser daily (vim keybindings ftw) but incase some sites don't render correctly, I also have Firefox installed
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    I want to like Firefox, but I’ve encountered too many places where it just didn’t render pages correctly or had some captchas broken.

    I use brave nowadays, but as much as I like the idea of being paid to watch commercials, it gets annoying fast, and the browser seems less performant…

    Never really tried Vivaldi, it just seems like another chromium with a new skin…

    Honestly , I agree state of browsers sucks these days. Really wish Firefox had more wide adoption, maybe it would have pushed for a better web.
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    After some fiddling around with several browsers I came to the conclusion that Vivaldi and Edge annoy me the least, at least on a Mac. Both also offer the kind of customisations and settings that make browsing less of a pain. Both have their issues, of course, but I’ve come to accept that whatever browser I choose to use, it’s a compromise. Still don’t know what to use as a supplement for Vivaldi on Linux in those cases where it doesn’t really cut it…
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