For those struggling with imposter syndrome, keep a record of your progress.

Break it down into

* used

* learning

* dont need a manual or cheat sheet

* use every day

You can also break it down per project:.

"Project xyz (python: 2 years)"
"Project ijk (js:6 months)".


Critically, keep these in something physical, like a notebook or whatever you use *regularly and frequently* to keep notes. That's important because you should be glancing over your progress as a remainder.

Each time you want to add a new line, rewrite your existing progress on a new page, before adding the new line.

So as you flip through the pages you get a large and larger chronological list of your progress, and improvement, and experience.

Add a date to the title for each and a brief note about something that you did or happened on that day or week.

You wont second guess yourself so much once you can see how far you came.

Like at one time I was actually competent at js! (Before I stopped the flash cards anyway).

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    I wanna shoot every mediocre motherfucker who pretends to have imposter syndrome. You are not undiscovered Linus Thorvalds mofos. You are just another wagie. Fuck off. Pretentious fuckers.
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    @aviophile yes, use your hate. Use your aggressive feelings boy. Let the hate flow through you.
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    Thanks for remembering this great idea. I stopped doing this after moving out and getting married. But I'll go back to it, for sure!
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