The reality of upcoming new programmers :)

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    Glad that I am not this dude. Having schooled with CBSE I had to take C++ in higher secondary. That being said.. I am a Python guy now 😜
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    disagreed. the best thing to be said about python: it's not javascript.

    sure, it's great to cobble together simple scripts, but for anything _complex_, it's just terrible. not to mention it's the definition of "breaking-changes-even-in-minor-version-updates-hell"
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    @tosensei I'd honestly take modern EcmaScript over Python any day of the week
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    Are freshers being taught C++ and wishing they were being taught Python?

    College must be weird now. I assumed they’d get Python or Java first. C++?! Fuck.

    Don’t go to school, kids.
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