Hipsters be like: i aM iN cOnTrOl oF mY oWn LiFe

And then proceed to give away their Calendly link.

Fucking hilarious. They fail to realise that time is the most important entity anyone can have. And they give it away to strangers to control their time.

Imagine, giving access and control of your most important entity of your life to some random stranger on internet.

I coincidently found this. I had to read it three times before I understood what the message was.

I am slowly getting back to my life where I had good work life balance, but this time I am paid well with lots of learning.

I am on my way to become a time millionaire.

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    that tweet actually hits hard with me, and not because i was grieving, but because i fear it. i live far from my family and every time i see my grandparents i see the time on them. my grandma is constantly sick and i fear that the next time i see her will be the last.

    it's definitely something to consider when making plans for the future. we're always in a rush for success but this is probably the best time we have to enjoy other's company, maybe they won't be here tomorrow, maybe i won't be
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    I was living the hustle life and side hustle well before these terms existed . I too realize , hopefully not too late , that being at the service of others is an expense of time that is invaluable. Family, whether is it is your local community of friends , or your family , should be of paramount importance . Tech will evolve (that is why we are here) and it will be here , but family / friend time is finite - spend it with them when it’s available. ( I am typing this as watch my 5 year old daughter draw after dinner, having devoted most of my 20s, 30s and 40s working in the career grind)
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    Life is so short, yet, using my time efficiently, building something, building the lifestyle I want, like if feel like it does take hustle.

    You can spend a lot of time with your fam and friends and that’s great but if you do so at the expense of improving your skills you may never get to a level of leisure to achieve your own goals.

    Yea working on the farm with my parents was good bonding but not what I wanted to do forever. Going out with friends was a great time, but not the lifestyle I wanted for that much of my disposal time and income.

    I’m hard into the hustle now, and it is hurting me. I’m not blind to that. But there has to be a hustle to relax ratio.
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    @jeeper Whats your ratio right now?

    Mines 60-40 work:social
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    @Wisecrack like 80-20 but I keep getting behind. Probably need to be at 90%work- 10% social for everything I’ve signed up for.

    But it’s hard. I don’t mind missing some sleep but if I don’t get at least about 6.5 hours I make so many typos and they are considerably harder to find. Ends up with more time wasted.
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    @jeeper grey point - sleep is very important ! Fresh mind is a smart mind. Those extra hours staying late aren’t worth it in the long run
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    @djeddiej I meant *great ha ha
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    @jeeper typos my friend? I'd recommend a proper editor (for code, for me its VS Code, I'm constantly on the TypeScript React grind) otherwise grammarly (for non code writing). Both are huge productivity boosters.
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    @fullstackchris you underestimate the ability of sleep deprived me to completely fuck up English and programming languages. I have all that shit going for normal times.
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