Atlassian needs improvement!
Screenshot from the Jira "Accessibility" settings page where I hoped to find a dark mode switch.

When I wanted to send them feedback about the settings page, the feedback form failed, cluttering vintage style error messages with poor UX writing all over the page.

> Help us improve!
> We’d love to hear more about your experience with the new accessibility settings in Jira. Any thoughts on what you liked and where we could improve are more than welcome.
> Oops! Something went wrong...
> There was a problem submitting your feedback, likely due to the configuration of this form. You might want to contact the site owner to let them know about this issue.

P.S. Thinking of accessibility: there is not way to enter an ALT text to image uploads on devrant? seriously?

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    Darkmode is another symptom of systemic failure.
    Back then, there where pretty detailed options to set GUI colors and sizes on the OS level and all the software just got themed automatically as everyone just used the OS-specific toolkit.

    Now, every app author reinvents the darkmode because widget libraries basically killed OS-level theming by ignoring it.
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    They can't even configure their own forms. I fear to depend on them for any new feature.
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    At the end its Atlassian. They do things THEIR way. Not USERS way.

    Normal thing for them.
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    Maybe you can buy a plug-in from Atlassian that fixes this. That seems to be their business model.
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    E moment
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    I use the browser-level dark mode in Chrome and Edge - I think it's at


    in Chrome, and the corresponding


    in Edge. By no means perfect, but better than nothing (for me, at least). You could also apply your own custom CSS at whatever granularity you prefer with an extension like Stylus, but that's work.
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