Android Studio sucks!!! Genymotion is amazing!!

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    Is Genymotion an IDE for Android?
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    @netikras not IDE, just Emulator. I needed it because the official Android Studio Emulator kept freezing/crashing my laptop
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    @Anakata So it's AVD that sucks, not AndroidStudio then?

    Or is it Google's official android emulator that sucks?

    Is Genymotion a reimplementation of google's android emulator, or just a VirtualBox-based wrapper for it, providing a different UX?

    Trying to get my head around
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    @netikras lol I don’t know that much, but I’ve heard that even the Android Studio IDE is pretty heavy as it causes the PC/laptop to freeze often so I thought that must the the root cause
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    But do I need Android studio installed to use genymotion?
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    @C0D4 yes you do as you have to set the Android SDKs path to connect your react native app to the emulator (assuming that’s what you’re trying to do)
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    As far as I remember, the android emulator uses qemu to emulate Arm, or x86 hyperv, while genymotion uses x86 virtualbox, and is limited to x86.
    Depending on your setup - you can optimize the emulator setup to use the haxm runtime.

    It will never be as good a an actual device, and you can buy a used/refurb one for 50$ or so....
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    Comparing an IDE with an emulator, I see, I see. Carry on.
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