The meeting attendee added that Zuckerberg appeared red-eyed and told staff he might tear up during the meeting, not because of the topics being discussed but because he'd "scratched his eye," Bloomberg reported.

Isn't this soul satisfying?

Iceberg losing billions in few hours and pressurising 'FAANG' bootlickers who joined Meta to narrow down on video saying he did not expect TikTok as a competition.

LMAO. Fucking hilarious.

Map the normalisation curve for anything and it's always symmetrical. Facebook's downfall has started.

Source: https://businessinsider.com/mark-zu...

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    I'm still wondering what exactly was the thesis that crumbled for investors to jump ship 26% under the very previous day.
    I mean, when it happened to markets all around the world in Q1 2020, it took a week or so for the bullish "people are buying even more stuff!" thesis to be proven wrong (for some time, at least).

    What was the thesis for meta?
    The best one I've found is "they know what the next generation likes, and know how to deliver it through the current internet technology!"
    It was kinda true when "the internet" was a dial-up couple of tin cans and twine and couldn't deliver more than some text and maaaaaybe a pic or two (OG Facebook). Then it was unlimited mobile messages anywhere (whatsapp) and shortly it was lifestyle porn illustrated (Instagram).
    And then it was political echo chambers.

    But if that was the thesis for "exposition to the next generation's trends", it is kinda naive. Maybe it all was a crypto-like implosion-prone rocket from the beginning.

    Any other idea?
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    I might actually prefer people were using Facebook instead of tiktok. It doesn't seem like a good direction at all.
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    @electrineer TikTok is worse.

    However, the normal distribution for TikTok says it will fall faster than anyone else.

    Moreover, I believe, that natural selection is at play here. People are willing to sell themselves so let them do that. They will get what they deserve.
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    @Floydimus sadly it doesn't affect reproduction, so natural selection doesn't apply
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    @electrineer well ... up until someone starts another Tide Pod challenge...
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    The Gauss curve is not appropriate here, as it is used for statistical distribuitions, not changes in time
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    @PonySlaystation it's still applicable, maybe the accuracy might be lower but the concept remains more or less the same.
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    @Floydimus what exactly are you trying to model with normal distribution here? What quantities are on the axes?
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    @Floydimus I mean it can't be used for something that has a change in the time domain. This process is dependent on many variables and could probably be modeled with some differential equation.
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