Not a rant.

I’m tinkering for some months at something . Something that i want to turn into a startup, but i feel a little burned out, i have all this thoughts now that’s a shit idea that no one would even want it , even though i had great feedback and some users are already using it.

How do you guys deal with things like this?

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    Fight through the whining you little bitch boy
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    You can whine about failing if it actually fails, you haven't even launched it so how do you know...
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    give it out for free and if people offer you money to update it, you know its worth the midnight oil
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    I go to my job, sit at a desk for 8 hours so I can think. Occasionally do some work (I've automated much of it) but I always end up automating more to deal with interruptions. Yet no matter how much I think, I'm just not cut out for entrepeneurship.

    But who knows. Maybe one day I'll publish a game. Cash out my inheritance and be done with this shit :D
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    If you don't try It, you'll can't do something awesome. C'mon, your idea can change the world ;)
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