I just discover the language Dart (https://dart.dev/) and I think I do not fully get the scope of it.

Afaik it's a language for building cross platform guis where in the past you would have used something like ionic. So am I right that Dart is not quite for web development (as a "replacement" fur js/ts)?

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    Google intended it to be a js replacement to begin with if I remember correctly but they never got the other browser makers to include it so they changed the scope.
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    Yep, now it's just the backbone for flutter - which can be used for web or app or both.
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    @Voxera Indeed, i remember it came with its own browser as well as IDE for it. It just never got the replacement traction that Google wanted it to have
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    dart-sass is also the reference implementation of the SASS/SCSS preprocessor
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