Finally resigned.
I didn't hate my work but I need to grow. I was 4 years experienced and I was working on entry level positions. That's because for getting promoted I need to work like I'm on the next level for a year consistently, I don't know if I was working on next level but I felt confident that I can, so I switched companies finally. I don't know if work will be a lot what will I do but I have enough hard skills, my soft skills might not be that good but I'm finally doing something to achieve growth in that area. I'll be scared, anxious, helpless and all but let it be. I'll sprint, rest and repeat.

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    No need to feel anxious, etc. If you know you have to leave then you've already made the right choice.

    I did the same. I'd reached as far as I felt I could at a job. Left, went self employed. Didn't know if it was the right choice, just fancied trying it. It ended up taking me to another country. Now working with a great company on interesting jobs that I have almost total code control over.
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    It's a good time to be self-employed, at least as a senior in Europe and with everybody looking for remote developers as the offices are mostly still closed down to the pandemic anyway.

    Don't sell your work for a low price. Wait for the customers to bargain if they're broke, but they should appreciate that good work has its price, and being self-employed means you should save money, you have no employer who buys hardware and office furniture, and you have to pay your insurances all by yourself.

    There is a shortage of developers. Despite all the people trying to sell cheap work, despite the automation and "no-code" tools, everyone needs intelligent developers who are able to think and communicate.

    Being on devrant, being able to post, and quitting a job already proves you're above average. So I wish you success and hope you will find joy, inspiration, self-respect, and decent customers (or future employers, whatever you prefer).
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    Aaj hi tumhare baare me socha and saw your post in the feed.

    Good that move resigned. How's life?
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    To grow, someone needs to give you a chance.

    If noone gives you a chance, seek someone who gives you one.
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    @Floydimus haha happens. Finally feeling better. I was feeling light after resigning so enjoyed the day, still need to complete the projects. How's your life?
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    @IntrusionCM exactly and I think when there is more to do I put more efforts, so i know I'll struggle but I'll come out strong
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    @true-dev001 I am almost going to resign at my job.

    Waiting for an offer which is coming my way. Fingers crossed.

    Other than work, life's pretty decent right now. Need to socialise more for my mental well being.
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    @ojt-rant self employment is always a good/positive thing. You are truly independent.
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