Posted like two weeks ago that my company/manager wouldn't give me a (substantial) raise even though I'm doing exceptionally.
Got two job offers since then. One is 70% more pay and gives more benefits than my current position... The other one is similar but I'd have to move country.

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    Time for the notice and 3/24 vacation days.
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    Moving countries is expensive. Not only for transportation, you have to buy everything again and will take you a while until you figure out where the cheap-but-good stuff is hidden in the next country. Only ever move for a job it it will pay waaay more than whatever you can have around, or if you need to escape your country.
    Plenty of reasons you could have to want to escape, though.
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    @JsonBoa It pays about net 20% more, and the living expenses are higher by about that much according to Numbeo.
    Also they pay for relocation and 1.5 times the gross salary for the first 4 months so this might not be a problem. (Both countries are inside of EU)
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    70% is a hell of a pay-rise. Congratulations ­čĹĆ
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