I’m in love with Reality Winner. I don’t know, there is just something uncanny about her. The age, the eyes, the look, the whole fucking story, US government, her pink AR-15, I just… don’t know. I feel manipulated and mesmerized. I feel like I’m Odysseus, and she’s a siren. I don’t even know _what_ is so attractive in her, whatever it is… dear Reality, it worked. Congratulations.


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    @rEaL-jAsE In 2030 SJW will call it Race reveal 😄
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    the uncannyness might come from the "blurring" makeup in combination with her eyes not smiling with her mouth (a predictor for faking emotion in "normal" people, but she might just be on the spectrum).

    The image from 2015 on the Wikipedia page doesn't look uncanny to me.
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    @aaronswartz the only real winner is you. Fuck MIT and those bloody corporations. We’ll never forget you
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