Manager: So great news, we will also be building a new app this year!!

Dev: We only have 2 devs and we already struggling to maintain/build our current portfolio of applications. I don’t think we have the resources to support another.

Manager: Nonsense, this is a very small project management app that was requested by the CEO himself!

Dev: …We already have MS project, why can’t they just use that?

Manager: The executive team isn’t interested in learning MS Project, it’s way too complicated. They want us to build an internal version of MS Project one feature at a time so they can pick it up over time instead of getting overwhelmed with learning MS Project all at once. It also needs to have loads of customizable automation features so leadership doesn’t ever have to get “in the weeds” having to work with it. It needs to basically run itself!

Dev: …What about this is small?

Manager: Well that is the requirement.

Dev: …

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    The doom bell!
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    Ok boss here is that MS project lite you asked for. *sends an excel sheet with a project tracking template*
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    @jeeper lmao I should do this
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    Man, this is so damn stupid, I don’t even… I… don’t know what to say. Take my condolences.
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    @Lensflare I’m hoping they just forget about it like most app ideas that come up like this
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    This is n hours it will take. (multiply by 2 before)
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    @Demolishun square the number 🙃
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    That's what happens when a manager forgets his phone when going to the shitter... Brain starts to make effort to entertain the person while waiting for dangling shit to fall off the buttcheeks and that's how ideas like this are born.

    Always make sure there is entertainment for mgmt in restrooms. ALWAYS. It's better for everybody this way. Phone chargers, tablets, crosswords/sudoku/mazes/other puzzles + a pencil, etc.
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    @netikras Management confuses me all the time. People that are paid way too much for the shit ideas they spit out.
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    Is this company filthy rich or what? How can they afford all these horror stories?
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    @ars1 Filthy rich company confirmed. Many established stable revenue streams so they can afford to be like this.
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    @boombodies they can than also afford a dev team for the PM app...
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    Sometimes I wonder if project managers really believe their own bullshit
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    Is this a finance company/bank coz they have such sh*t requirements lol
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    This happens a lot, many people will come crazy app ideas. Being a single developer in the company I dodge every non sense things either by “Good idea, let me put it into my plan” and pretend to forget whenever they ask or giving a huge timeline if it’s coming from upper management

    It worked so far
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