Had a panic attack during a coding assignment and now every time I think about that problem I just start spacing. Noice.

Also dear companies: if you wanna ask your interviewees about trying to deduce a theorem out of nowhere, maybe do it in the first test and not in the last one. Cause that’s a shot in the dark to someone who’s not a mathematician and id feel waaay less frustrated if I didn’t give you 6 hours of my life just to end up with an arbitrary task like this.

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    Sorry to hear that. Take a breath and try it later when you are feeling better.
    I'd advise not investing in one company. Instead try to have multiple interviews going. That will help to normalize the situation and take the edge off.
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    After a handful dozen times, you start numbing yourself to the absolute misery of interviews. Just need to keep practicing, passing interviews is a skill in and of itself.
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    If you're spacing on some things that's normal. No one can be expected to know everything. If you know about 30% and can research the rest you'll do well. It's when you start tabbing that it becomes a problem!

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    @anux eh to be honest I’m slowly fixing my issues but I didn’t expect them to come bite me that bad “^^
    I was honestly just trying to focus my breath for ~20 mins out of the 40 given :s

    @ars1 I agree… I really hate the ia tests disguised as “aptitudinal tests”… I’ve got a nice score (which means basically nothing other than… “me good recognise shapes and patterns unga bunga”) and it just… builds up expectations on their sides. Expectations which I fail to live up to by person cause I’m introvert af! Plus they are technically illegal in most countries…

    @arcadesdude that’s true, I struggle to do so, but I understand it’s something most people who get hired do, in the end!
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    @piratefox It's okay. Happens to all of us. Take your time and don't worry too much about 'their' expectations.
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